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We offer a very balanced server and a fantastic friendly community. Once you have downloaded and fully patched our client you can expect amazingly smooth game play with frequently updates to ensure you always have new content in-game to keep you occupied.

We have many unique features within Apple Ragnarok Online for you to fully explore and enjoy, Both the Administrators and Game Master team are very active and work rapidly to solve any of your in-game questions or problems so you can expect real assistance while playing with us.

Download now to join our fast growing community and be a part of a server that evolves around it's players and that has the most unique features and content unlike anywhere else you will find.


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War of emperium currently has no schedule, but will soon be active.


Donations are purely voluntary and extremely appreciated. By donating, you are agreeing that it is non-refundable and that you are authorizing the donation. Thank you for your support!


Every month there is a calendar of events, you can find it on Facebook and our forum, at Apple Ragnarok Online we hold events very often.

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Features Overview

Apple Ragnarok Online is a completely unique experience with features that will excite you!


Take pleasure in larger-than-life battles with your guild in our Battlegrounds and War of Emperium. Compete with rivals or even friends through our multiple PvP modes and find out if you're fit to be one of the best in AppleRO! We'll see you there!


Within the server you can enjoy many special systems, some like: Battleground, Hunting Mission, @security, @main, @joinbg, Special instances, Unique Quests, PvP Event, Wing of Gaia and much more!


Apple Ragnarok Online has Gepard Shield to guarantee a clean game, in addition to our server has a special filter to mitigate DDoS attacks, enjoy a server with the best stability and play without interruptions by server failures!

Latest Updates

Last updates made in the section news of our forum, can keep abreast of everything that happens in the community!

[25/11/2016] Changelog

This week the changes are more lite, we hope that all changes are to your liking, we continue working to give them a stable server with many new features, where they can live one of...

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[18/11/2016] Changelog

Good evening, the maintenance of this day 18 has brought some improvements to the server, regarding several issues that had been touch before...

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[13/11/2016] Changelog

In this maintenance have solved several problems reported during the week, in addition to the new systems that will provide hours of fun, among other things...

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Game Master Team

Meet a little more all the people that make up our work group, all of them strive day by day for the server.

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